Mac Repairs & Upgrades at iMend Ltd

As one of the leading Apple repair specialists in Sussex, we’ve repaired and upgraded thousands of Macs over the years. 
We pride ourselves on a fast, friendly and professional service with no jargon.

no appointments

We understand how inconvenient a genius bar appointment can be. Simply visit or get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Component Level repairs

All too often we see computers getting ‘written off’ just because it needs one simple part fixing, we only ever replace what’s necessary.

secure data policy

We are GDPR compliant and always ensure your data is kept safe & secure.

quality components

We believe it pays to use high quality parts, to give a repair that lasts. All repairs come with a 6 month warranty.

cost effective

It’s our aim to provide value for money. We are still repairing and upgrading Macs from 2008 which can save thousands when compared to buying a new Mac.

liquid damage

Has your beloved Mac met with a glass of vino or the morning cuppa? We have a great success rate repairing this!

Below we’ve listed our most common repairs, click for more information and prices.

Screen, Display, Glass or LCD Repair


Hard Drive/ SSD Repairs & Upgrades
RAM repairs & UPGRADES
Battery, Power & charging repair
data recovery/ data transfer
Liquid Damage Repair
software, security, malware & virus check
Keyboard and trackpad repair

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