Time for a new device, or perhaps even a looks-like-new device?

We understand that. This is why we offer a range of New & Refurbished iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs and Laptops to suit your needs.

It’s all about options…

We know that buying a new device can be an absolute minefield. We have a range of options for the budget-conscious individuals from a shiny new laptop to a refurbished iPhone.

If you’ve got an old faithful bit of technology, you’ll know that if they’re looked after, they can continue to provide a great user experience for years. This is why we really see a lot of value in stocking refurbished devices. You can enjoy the functionality at a fraction of the cost.

We also stock new devices, we can build you a custom machine or source the specification you want.

From MacBooks to iMacs, iPads to iPhones, PCs to Laptops, we sell many devices each month.

Refurbished iMac & MacBook

We ensure that all our Macs leave the shop with the fans cleared, fresh OS install and fitted with an SSD (Solid State Drive).

This is done to ensure nippy speeds and longevity for the mac!

Refurbished iPhone

All our iPhones undergo extensive testing from our technicians to ensure that all elements of the phone are working correctly.

We replace wearing components such as earpiece speaker or batteries where necessary to keep that new iPhone feel.

Refurbished iPad

These are very popular option for our customers who want a fast and easy way to browse the internet.
No waiting for a device to boot, instant internet access is just a touch away.
Perfect for video calls to friends and family, browsing and games

Refurbished Laptop and PC

Refurbished PC and Laptop

If you’re looking for a straightforward replacement for your ageing machine or want to custom spec a tower, we can help you!! Our favourite sellers are 15″ laptops for a good combination of portability and workability!


The iMend Ltd Promise

We want to give you peace of mind when buying a device from us.

This is why we test everything before it goes out the door. We also put a 6 month warranty on all our refurbished devices and a year on all new devices.

In the unlikely event that you do have a problem with your device in the first after buying it, we will repair it, replace it or refund it within our warranty period. Naturally, this doesn’t cover failure from accidents, negligence or if the device has been opened/ tampered with by anyone other than iMend Ltd.

Moving fast…

Our stock of devices move very quickly, sometimes they don’t even make it out on display before they’re sold! The majority of our stock is at our Upper Beeding branch but we do have a selection of items in Billingshurst too.

If you’re passing, come and check it out otherwise we are happy to talk you through it over the phone.

The Right device for you.

To help us advise you on the best device to suit your needs, it’s always handy to know a rough idea of who is going to be using it and what their needs are.  For example, if a customer tells us “it’s for an elderly relative, they only want to Skype us and look up the weather forecast” For this, we would probably suggest an iPad or a browsing laptop as a suitable device. If a customer told us “I want to process lots of photos and videos” then we would probably suggest a high end PC, MacBook Pro or iMac as a suitable device.

By all means, if you’re unable to make the trip, please drop us an email or give us a call and we can discuss what we have in stock, or we can order in. Naturally we supply these items with a warranty so that if there’s any problems, you can come and visit one of your local stores.

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