Callouts, Tuition & Home Installs

Technical help from the comfort of your own home.

Our home visits cover a wide range of technical fixes and tuition. Whether you can’t get emails to send or you just want a bit of tuition on how to use your device, we can help.

Wi-FI/ INTERNET connectivity

Without internet, our technology suddenly becomes a lot less useful! We have restored this vital connection for many people and it continues to be a frequent cause for a callout.

email problems

We find it much easier and quicker to resolve these pesky email problems when we can sit down in person with the customer instead of a phone call or email. This issue is an ideal candidate for a callout!

printer setup/ troubleshooting

We will be the first to admit that printers can be troublesome little beasts! Taming these beasts are one of our most common reasons for a home visit


Reached your storage limit? You’re not alone. Whether it’s cloud storage or physical backups, we’ve got you covered.


With all these logins, passwords and security codes, it’s not uncommon to be locked out of your own accounts. We can provide sustainable solutions for remembering passwords to keep you safe.


We’ve helped many people over the years understand their technology better. We aim to help you get the most out of your device and reduce those tech-related headaches for you!

The solution could be just around the corner. 

Typically just a few minutes on the phone, a quick visit in store or an email is all we need to get you started. Once we know a few details, we can arrange one of our engineers to visit as soon as possible, usually within a matter of days.