When your iPhone has a cracked screen or your Mac slows down, that means it is time to replace, right? Not necessarily. After all, you don’t replace your car every time there’s a problem. Sometimes all you need is a good repair shop in West Sussex to help you!

That’s where iMend Ltd can help. We can troubleshoot your Mac, iPhone or iPad to help identify the problem. Breakdowns, slowdowns, glitches, cracked screens — you are better off using iMend Ltd to help get your Apple device running like new again.


Most tech problems fall under two categories: software problems and hardware problems. Although there are many different possibilities, the good news is that most are common problems that our team at iMend Ltd has seen more than once.

Hardware and Software faults come in all shapes and sizes. Apple devices are like any other appliance — they can wear out over time. Dust and damage are common culprits. A scratched or run-down hard drive for example can dramatically reduce your Mac’s performance. Sometimes though all you need is a good cleaning in a non-static environment to prevent slowdowns due to overheating.

Has your beloved iPhone or iPad met with a glass of vino or the morning cuppa? We have a great success rate repairing this! We only use high quality parts, to give a repair that lasts. Did you know all repairs come with a 90-day warranty? It’s our aim to provide value for money. We are still repairing as far back as the iPhone 4!

At iMend Ltd, we believe that a little bit of care and attention can really help to extend the lifespan of your Apple device. That’s better for the environment and saves you money, good idea, right?