PC & Laptop SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Sussex

PC & Laptop SSD & Hard Drive Upgrades

This is probably one of our most common repairs & upgrades on windows PCs , All-in-ones and Laptops. It’s an affordable way of giving your computer a speed boost!

The hard drive or SSD is where computers store their information so naturally, if this begins to fail or slow down, it’s impossible not to notice the effects when using your computer.

Failing drives can lead to data loss/ corruption so if you’ve noticed your computer misbehaving or slowing down to a crawl, it’d probably time to bring it in for a once-over.

Although we’ve been using hard drive technology since they were invented in the 1950s, they aren’t without their flaws.

With moving parts up to 7200 RPM in a hard drive, the mechanisms wear out and are susceptible to failure if they receive an impact, this is particularly common on laptops.

By contrast, an SSD has no moving parts, which means it runs cooler, uses a lot less battery and is less prone to accident damage.

If your computer is slow or you need more oomph out of your machine, we encourage our customers to consider ‘repair and upgrade’ where possible. This can be often be an affordable and practical solution, where you get the extra speed and reliability you want and keep your precious data too!

PC Laptop Hard drive SSD Upgrade Sussex imend
PC Laptop Speed upgrade iMend Sussex

We feel that Solid State Drives are possibly the most cost effective way of speeding up your MLaptop or PC. Since most computers these days are usually equipped with a decent amount of RAM, SSD’s are usually the first bottleneck for performance.

Why bother with SSD’s?… in summary:

– A data transfer rate of up to ten times faster!
– Boot up speeds, program loading and general usage become vastly improved
– No moving parts – less to get damaged, particularly for laptops on the move!
– Improved battery life/ power usage

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