iPhone 11 Liquid Damage Repair

If your iPhone has suffered liquid damage, gone in the drink or down the loo,  our liquid damage repair service you need. This will include a thorough deep clean and disassembly of your iPhone with the use of specialist equipment. After cleaning, we will reassemble the iPhone and contact you with our diagnosis, informing you of any parts that need replacing and the estimated cost to get the phone working again. Sometimes a quick bath  and a dry down is all it needs!

Note: If your iPhone has been wet, please turn it off and bring it in for repair as soon as possible to give it the best chance of survival! We have a good success rate with repairing liquid damaged iPhones but we cannot offer any warranty with these repairs, nor can we guarantee that this service will render your phone useable as the nature of water damage varies so greatly. £15 Payment for this service is required in advance and is non-refundable.

Why Choose iMend Ltd?

We use high quality replacement parts on our repairs.
This ensures a long-lasting solution for your Apple device.

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We are commited to providing a fast repair service.  We know how vital a device can be in our daily lives, which is why we focus on fast turnarounds.

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Excellent customer service and quality repairs are paramount at iMend Ltd. 
We feel that our reviews reflect our focus on service.

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