We have carefully listened to recent government advice and as of Monday 18th May, we are happy to announce that we will start offering a repair service & taking orders once again.

Please note, in line with government & health organisation advice, we are not allowed to open the retail storefronts until the next phase out of lockdown (June 1st at the earliest). We do however plan to keep our customers going as technology is vital during this difficult time; to work from home, to communicate with loved ones and to help cure lockdown boredom!

Please find details of how our service will work by clicking this link

The team at iMend Ltd

Where Can I Get One of Those Thingy-Mijigs…

We know technology has a habit of breaking right when you least expect it and usually when you can’t do without it!

Run out of ink when you’re late for that flight? Forgotten that all important cable you need for the presentation?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Both stores stock an array of inks, cables & office consumables to keep you going.

More than just repairs

Although repairs form the bulk of our work, we try to keep our shops stocked up on all the consumables and necessary items you might need to keep you and your technology going. Some of our most common items include:

  • Refurbished laptops
  • Printer Ink, Printers and printing paper
  • Charging cables for phones,laptops and tablets
  • Keyboards & mice
  • Routers
  • iPhone, iPad & Mac Cases, screen protectors & tempered glass
  • Memory cards, SD cards and hard drives
  • Audio, visual and networking cables

Please get in touch and tell us what you’re after, most things we can get on next day delivery for you if we don’t stock it.

Refurbished Devices

We know that a second hand device can provide excellent value for money. We put our 6 month warranty on all items we sell to give you the savings AND the peace of mind when buying second hand.

We also offer trade-ins and a data transfer service on to your refurbished items so you can smoothly transition to your next device.