Macbook iMac RAM Upgrades

Mac Ram Upgrade/ Repair

Do you like to have 20 tabs and 20 apps open all at the same time, then a RAM upgrade is for you, a multi-tasker. Multi-taskers or ‘heavy users’ can benefit from a RAM upgrade because more memory means more programs can run smoothly at the same time.

If you experience serious sluggishness when you run multiple programs then it may well be that RAM is the bottleneck for your computer.

If your Mac is a Macbook made before late 2012 or an iMac/ Mac Mini then it could still be running on a hard drive. Check out our Hard Drive and SSD upgrade page to see if this repair might be a better option for you.

Please enquire to discuss your needs/ computer usage and we can advise on costs/ suitable upgrades for your machine so you can get the biggest results for the best value.

Why Choose iMend Ltd?

We use high quality replacement parts on our repairs.
This ensures a long-lasting solution for your Apple device.

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We are commited to providing a fast repair service.  We know how vital a device can be in our daily lives, which is why we focus on fast turnarounds.

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Excellent customer service and quality repairs are paramount at iMend Ltd. 
We feel that our reviews reflect our focus on service.

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iMend 6 month warranty

We’re confident about the quality of our repairs and our testing of each device. We give our customers peace of mind by providing a warranty too.

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