macbook keyboard trackpad repair

Macbook keyboard and Trackpad Repair

Our MacBook keyboard and Trackpad repair service will get you back on track if your Mac is suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty pushing keys
  • Stiff/ dead trackpad or keys
  • Missing keys

The years of dust, debris and liquid ingress can cause the keys and trackpad to become stuck, sometimes a clean out is all they need. Sometimes however it is necessary to replace these components. On MacBooks the keyboard is also attached to the power button so a faulty keyboard can prevent your machine from turning on.

NOTE: If your trackpad is beginning to lift or if the bottom of the MacBook is beginning to come away, this is often a sign of a bulging battery which poses a fire risk! If this is the case with your MacBook then we reccomend bringing it in as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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Why Choose iMend Ltd?

We use high quality replacement parts on our repairs.
This ensures a long-lasting solution for your Apple device.

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We are commited to providing a fast repair service.  We know how vital a device can be in our daily lives, which is why we focus on fast turnarounds.

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Excellent customer service and quality repairs are paramount at iMend Ltd. 
We feel that our reviews reflect our focus on service.

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iMend 6 month warranty

We’re confident about the quality of our repairs and our testing of each device. We give our customers peace of mind by providing a warranty too.

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