iPhone X Screen Repair

Our iPhone screen repair service will get you back on track if your iPhone X is suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • Cracked/ smashed/ heavily scratched glass
  • Distortions, lines, bleeds or Discolouration on the display
  • Lack of Touch-Sensitivity/ Responsiveness

In the iPhone X, the OLED screen and touch screen are fused together as a sealed unit, a ‘display assembly’ and must be replaced as a whole unit. 

NOTE: We want to keep as many iPhones alive as possible and we know that repair costs factor in to the lifespan of a handset, so we offer two price points on this model to suit the individual’s needs. The original quality OLED replacement screens or a budget conscious LCD replacement.

The LCD screen offers a really high-quality screen at an amazing value. the OLED screen offers the highest resolution and colour depth. Although 95% of our customers  can’t tell the difference between our premium LCD screens and OLED ones, some people can. If you’re someone who wants the absolute best, the OLED screen is for you

Cost of Repair OLED £95
Cost of Repair LCD £75

*** Want a new battery in your iPhone too? ***
20% off battery replacements when combined with an iPhone Screen Repair.

Why Choose iMend Ltd?

We use high quality replacement parts on our repairs.
This ensures a long-lasting solution for your Apple device.

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We are commited to providing a fast repair service.  We know how vital a device can be in our daily lives, which is why we focus on fast turnarounds.

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Excellent customer service and quality repairs are paramount at iMend Ltd. 
We feel that our reviews reflect our focus on service.

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iMend 6 month warranty

We’re confident about the quality of our repairs and our testing of each device. We give our customers peace of mind by providing a warranty too.

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