iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair Cost: £40iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair

If your iPhone has suffered liquid damage, this is the service you need. With liquid damage, we charge an upfront £40 to cover the sheer amount of labour involved in diagnosis. This will include a thorough deep clean and disassembly of your iPhone with the use of a special bath of isopropanol alcohol to remove corrosion from the board. We will then reassemble the iPhone and contact you with our diagnosis, informing you of any parts that need replacing and the estimated cost to get the phone working again. Sometimes a quick bath  and a dry down is all it needs!

We have a good success rate with repairing liquid damaged iPhones but we cannot offer any warranty with these repairs, nor can we guarantee that this service will render your phone useable as the nature of water damage varies so greatly. Payment for this service is required in advance and is non-refundable.

(Prices are listed as a guide,  if the repair to your device becomes more involved or expensive than originally quoted we will contact you before proceeding with any further work/ charging you for any additional services/parts).