iPhone 8/ iPhone SE2/ SE3 Repair

Is your iPhone 8 or SE2 not working as it should? From blocked earpiece speakers to bad batteries, cracked screens to charging ports, we’ve seen it all. At iMend Ltd we’ve repaired thousands of iPhone 8 handsets over the years so you’re in good hands.

Fortunately the iPhone SE2, and SE3, shares almost all of the same parts as the iPhone 8 which means we usually hold most of the parts in stock. This comprehensive stock means we are able to turn around your device as fast as possible. We supply a free 6 month warranty on all our repairs and only using high quality repair components.

Scroll down to see more information and prices on our most common repairs. We offer discounts on combined repairs, enquire for more details. 

If your iPhone has a fault that isn’t listed here or if you’re unsure about what repair you require, please get in touch.

screen repair
button repair
sound/ microphone faults
camera/ camera lens repair
data transfer/ recovery